Links to other websites I think are cool.

Other Blogs

  • BackReaction is a blog by a physicist, Sabine Hossenfelder. The writing is cogent and entertaining and the topics are interesting.
  • MicroBrewData is a blog by my good friend, Brian Yee. He’s a theoretical physicist studying condensed matter and an expert in data visualizaton. Brian just started his site with the goal of doing analysis and making beautiful visualizations of all kinds of data… and teaching you how to do it too! Check him out.
  •¬†mixes history, math and science into a very entertaining story.
  • is a good, fairly deep, blog on math and science.
  • The PBS Idea Channel is a Youtube channel that does the impossible: it promotes thought-provoking discussions in the youtube comments section.
  • Numberphile is an excellent video series on mathematics. Check it out.
  • Veritasium is an excellent youtube video series on science.
  • Minute Physics is a fantastic series of short, bite-sized physics videos.
  • is the story of my friend, an experimental cosmologist at Princeton and her adventures in the Atacama Desert. Fun stories, and just a bit of science.
  • The Spaceship Project is a blog that spans science, sustainability and a future for humankind in space. Good stuff.
  • Words cannot describe how amazing The Symphony of Science is. Check it out for yourself.
  • The Endeavour is John D. Cook’s fantastic blog on math, science, and programming.
  • Learn and Teach Statistics and Operations Research is Dr. Nic’s excellent blog on statistics for everyone.
  • Devlin’s Angle is a monthly column sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America. Excellent content, and fairly accessible.
  • Not Exactly Rocket Science is a blog by a science journalist. Good for keeping up with current events.
  • Unreal Blog is a blog by an ex-particle physicist. It covers philosophy, physics, and business.
  • Galactic Interactions is an excellent blog by an astrophysicist.
  • Science In My Fiction is a playful, collaborative blog that corrects authors on their science.
  • Lost Worlds is a blog on paleontology hosted by the Guardian.
  • MathEd is A blog by a CU math Phd. Mostly covers math education.
  • Circles and Tangents is a blog on college math education. It has a very nice list of articles on math education.
  • Guide to Reality is a very highbrow blog on math, physics, and philosophy.
  • Joel David Hamkins has a beautiful blog on mathematics.
  • Dan Satterfield is a meteorologist who blogs on all things Earth science. His writing is clear, accessible, and fun. I suggest you check it out!

Math and Science Resources

  • Wolfram Alpha is a great tool for the mathematician on the go. It can solve integrals, fetch statistics, and even plot.
  • Project Euler is a list of cool math problems you can solve with programming, and accepted solutions. A great site if you’re trying to improve your programming skills.
  • Physics Forums provides a friendly and professional community devoted to physics and physics education. I haven’t investigated it much, but what I see I like.
  • Richard Feynman was one of the greatest scientists and lecturers of our age. You can find many videos of him here.

Programming and Linux

  • I have to mention my favorite Linux distribution, Arch Linux. Arch gives you complete control over what’s installed on your computer, and offers the best package manager in the industry.
  • is a blog on using emacs. Very high quality for the hobbyist.
  • Emacs Rocks! is a video blog on using emacs. Has some great tricks.
  • Vim Adventures is a video game that teaches you to use the excellent text editor, vim.
  • Shinobu’s Secrets is an excellent blog by a fellow computer hobbyist.
  • Joel on Software is a blog on software engineering by a well-respected developer. Well worth a look.

Fun Stuff

  • The Plaidscape is a website devoted to tabletop gaming and math.
  • xkcd is one of the best the best webcomics around, not only for its humor, but for its profound insight.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is often very funny and touches on many topics.
  • Foxtrot sometimes touches on mathematics.
  • Spiked Math is a math webcomic by a math professor.
  • PHD Comics is a fun comic about life as a graduate student.

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